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Blending is the New Work/Life Trend

Work/life balance is a popular and clichéd term used to describe what you can aspire to achieve in your life. However, I believe that in our fast-paced and daily-changing world, this term has lost its place. Instead there is a new word on the block - blending. Why? Because is

Remember, remember to ignite your business flame in November

I’d like to ask you: What will it take to rekindle the flame in your business, right now? Having been given the nickname 'firestarter' by one of my clients, I love to set minds on fire. Working with a group of business women, I did just that. An explosive idea,

Running is about improving personal performance in life and business

Chartered accountant, self-confessed triathlon junkie, athletics coach and charity runner, Della Hudson, of Hudson Accountants in Bristol, shares her thoughts on why her running time is thinking time to help her perform better. When did you start running and why? In 2012 I started running again after a long absence

Running makes you a more effective individual

Regional Manager of Body by Vi and Nordic Ski instructor, Ashley Sandy, talks about how the fresh alpine air of Switzerland inspired her to start running. When did you start running and why? I lived in Switzerland from 2005 to 2009. During my time there, a friend and I decided

Running with a business coach is pure psychology

Fitness, fashion & food brand and content consultant, Michaela Deasy-Smith, shares her thoughts on why she loves to exercise out her thoughts. When did you start running and why? In 2007 my husband and I chose running as an activity to share time together. Encouraged by him, I started doing

Running and business go hand in hand

Here is the next post in my series about business owners who run and why they do. Meet Andy Sears, Director of the award-winning butcher's shop, Andrews Quality Meats Ltd in Highworth, Wiltshire @HomeofAndrews When did you start running and why? About five years ago. It sounds a bit

Keep Improving my Performance

This is the first post in a series of interviews I’m hosting, with the focus being on business owners who run and why they do. Meet Lesley Waldron, co-owner of Fit 4 Tots in Bristol @Fit4Tots When did you start running and why? In my mid- twenties I was

How confident are you in business?

On a scale of 1:10 where would you measure yourself currently, in terms of (a) confidence in yourself and (b) confidence in your business? Are you close to 10 in both, or have you scored yourself between 5 and 7? Being confident in yourself and demonstrating confidence when speaking about

How Visual is Your Business?

Building awareness about and raising the profile of your business is one of your biggest challenges, right? It’s all about how to get your voice heard above the noise and above your competition. It’s all about how you promote or market yourself. Here are my suggestions about how you can

Running with a New Buddy

Yesterday I ran with a new buddy. Like to meet my running buddy? Introducing my funky, purple FlipBelt which I discovered at Be Fit London on Saturday. Always on the lookout for the best way to hold onto keys and my phone, when out running, I spotted this innovative accessory and