Gail M Gibson, inspirational speaker

Delivering memorable and insightful talks on business and lifestyle design.

Talent Driver

Business Performance Coaching: Talent Driver

Enabling you to discover your life purpose, create your perfect work and perform at your personal best.

Fire Starter

Business Performance Coaching: Fire Starter

Empowering you to transform your thinking to become the best version of yourself in life and business.

Words to Inspire

I love to share inspiring and thought provoking presentations with small business owners at conferences, seminars and business events in the UK and abroad, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Australia.

Driving Great Talent

With a focus on personal growth, I thrive on delivering performance coaching for individuals and small businesses to enable:

  • Clarity, focus, direction and accountability to help you review, target, measure, improve, and develop your personal and business performance
  • You and your business to ‘stand out from the crowd’ and ‘be remarkable’.

Igniting the Fire

An Associate Certified Coach, my performance coaching aims to empower you to thrive not just survive in life and business. To help you become the best at what you do, it is vital for you to develop your Self Confidence, Self Belief, Self Image, Self Leadership, and Self Worth. These key Self’s, blended with development of a Can Do or growth mindset, are the foundation and focus of my personal growth coaching opportunity for you.

“I love Gail’s energy and passion – it’s infectious! Her years of experience mean that she is quickly but gently able to zero in on what’s holding you back and help you to find ways of changing that. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Gail to any entrepreneur.”

Bespoke Training

Bringing together 12+ years of business and people development experience, I provide learning and development opportunities for:

  • Marketing (Traditional and Social Media)
  • Lifestyle Design for the Modern Woman
  • Business Networking and Confident Communication Skills

Video Testimonials

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