Ashley Sandy was launching a new business as an outdoor fitness instructor, offering Nordic walking classes in Wiltshire. Gail’s outdoor coaching programme attracted her. It gave her the chance to discuss her new business plans and challenges with an experienced business coach, at the same time gaining the benefits of exercising in the fresh air.

Outdoor exercise and business coaching – the perfect combination

As an outdoor fitness instructor, Ashley was already very aware of the benefits that exercising outdoors can bring.

She says, “I love being outside in the fresh air. I believe outdoor exercise helps your brain function better. While you are walking or jogging, your body and brain are being
energised. This takes your thinking to a higher level and your creativity increases.”
“There are less distractions outside – no phones or other peoples’ chatter – so you have much clearer thinking too. Combining these benefits with talking to Gail during my outdoor coaching sessions led to wonderful discussions, ideas and ways in which I could improve my business performance.”

Bringing clarity to business goals

In a series of six sessions, Ashley power-walked with Gail in local parks and the open countryside. They talked about Ashley’s business, what she wanted to achieve and how she could overcome any challenges to kick-start her new business.

Ashley says, “Being able to take the ideas and problems I had in my business and discuss them with Gail, who has a huge amount of experience in business, was fantastic.”

“She not only acted as a sounding-board, but she also provided brilliant feedback and fresh ideas. It has helped me get more clarity in where I want to go with my business.”

Improved focus and organisation

One of the most significant ways that Gail has helped Ashley is in implementing order and focus in her business.

“I was haphazard,” says Ashley. “I had lots and lots of ideas, but I wasn’t being consistent with them or I didn’t know how to implement them.”
“Using skills I’ve learnt through Gail in the programme, bringing in structure and, above all, a conscious commitment to make that change happen, has made a real difference.”

From writing a regular newsletter and posting consistently on social media, to managing her invoices,
expenses and tax return, Ashley now has her business processes in order. Gail’s experience in marketing helped Ashley to consider ways to attract clients and build her local network. Methods of communication, getting referrals from existing clients, pricing and special offers now all have more structure and regularity. Ashley has seen excellent results. Her business continues to grow.

Nordic Walking in Wiltshire

Bringing out the best in people and their businesses

Ashley concludes, “I found Gail easy to talk to. By giving valuable feedback and brilliant ideas and advice, she brought out the best in me and my business. Being able to do that outside and maximising the mental and physical benefits of exercise, that’s a marriage made in heaven.”