Did you know that September is the NEW January?

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Really you say? January is months away... In reality, as I write this post on September 14th, it is only 15 weeks until January 1st 2018. As you consider the question I've posed, think about the season of autumn. What starts to happen in September? The children return to school

Have you made your dream business happen?

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Business performance coach Gail Gibson joins the Mind Your Own Business team on Swindon 105.5FM Gail explains: “Coaching female entrepreneurs over the past 10+ years has given me an opportunity to be a key part of their development, growth and success. As a result, I have been privileged to hear

Blending is the New Work/Life Trend

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Work/life balance is a popular and clichéd term used to describe what you can aspire to achieve in your life. However, I believe that in our fast-paced and daily-changing world, this term has lost its place. Instead there is a new word on the block - blending. Why? Because is

Remember, remember to ignite your business flame in November

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Do you feel like your business flame has gone out? What do you need to do to rekindle your spark? Nicknamed 'Firestarter', I simply love to set minds on fire. Working with a group of small business owners, I did just that. An explosive idea, born and inspired by Bonfire night,

Running makes you a more effective individual

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Regional Manager of Body by Vi and Nordic Ski instructor, Ashley Sandy, talks about how the fresh alpine air of Switzerland inspired her to start running. When did you start running and why? I lived in Switzerland from 2005 to 2009. During my time there, a friend and I decided

What is your moonshot?

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It was an honour to be asked to present at and be part of an International Women’s Day event in Bristol on Tuesday 10th March, hosted by Faye Dicker and Freelance Mum. Along with my two fellow presenters we were given the fantastic theme of Brave, Bold and Bonkers. Tasked

A version of a vision is better than no vision at all

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Thought-provoking words, shared on a radio breakfast show, which immediately hooked my attention. I wonder how many of you are now thinking, which version of my vision am I living right now? Or for others, are you puzzled by the statement because you have no vision, let alone a version

Networking Doesn’t Work, Does It?

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Now, I’ve been networking for business for almost ten years. And during that time, I’ve achieved a huge level of success from networking. What have I achieved? Trusted suppliers, long term clients, exciting collaborative opportunities and loyal friendships. Why, because I love to meet and get to know new people,

Feel like Giving Up on your Dream?

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Every river begins as a trickle... At the source of the trickle is water, ready and waiting to burst into life. In a moment the trickle pushes outward, emerging from underground or through rocks and springs forth to forge a path. As the water quickens in pace, it courses over,

Live your Passion in 3 Steps

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What’s stopping you from doing what you love each day? Are you yet to identify how to bridge the gap between what you naturally gravitate toward and gain energy from? Are you ready to take a leap of faith and discover real purpose and fulfilment in your working life? Here’s

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