Did you know that September is the NEW January?

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Really you say? January is months away... In reality, as I write this post on September 14th, it is only 15 weeks until January 1st 2018. As you consider the question I've posed, think about the season of autumn. What starts to happen in September? The children return to school

Remember, remember to ignite your business flame in November

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I’d like to ask you: What will it take to rekindle the flame in your business, right now? Having been given the nickname 'firestarter' by one of my clients, I love to set minds on fire. Working with a group of business women, I did just that. An explosive idea,

Why Collaboration Works

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Fast becoming an emerging trend in small business development, the act of working together or collaboration with others is a positive way to develop improved performance and to deliver enhanced solutions to customers in your marketplace. When it comes to thinking, planning and doing, don’t people say that two heads

Clear View

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Can you see a clear path ahead for your life or business? Or is your view slightly foggy? Is there a sense of fuzziness about who you are, where you are and what you are seeing, right now? Need a fresh pair of eyes to take a closer look at

“If you have an Idea, Go for it and Believe in it!”

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One of the comments received today in response to my future-proofing presentation I delivered to college students for Enterprise Week in Surrey last Tuesday. To challenge the thinking of the students was my focus. Why? To provide an opportunity where together they were able to explore the biggest life dreams which