Outdoor exercise and business coaching – the perfect combination

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Ashley Sandy was launching a new business as an outdoor fitness instructor, offering Nordic walking classes in Wiltshire. Gail’s outdoor coaching programme attracted her. It gave her the chance to discuss her new business plans and challenges with an experienced business coach, at the same time gaining the benefits of

Did you know that September is the NEW January?

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Really you say? But January is months away... In reality, as I write this post on September 5th, it is actually 17 weeks until January 1st 2017. As you consider the question I've posed, think about the season of autumn. What starts to happen in September? The children return to

Run: It’s a body and mind connection

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Voice over artist, Freelance Mum Networking Queen, Mum of 2 girls and keen runner, Faye Dicker, talks about who inspired her to run and how running helps to refresh her perspective in business. When did you start running and why? In 2000 I started running, after being inspired by my Dad, who

Clarity and Creativity: Inspired by Running in the French Alps

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Digital nomad, web designer, techie blogger and charity runner, Kelly Drewett, of Kaydee Web Design, shares her thoughts on how running in the French Alps inspires clarity and creativity in her work. When did you start running and why? I’ve run for several years, however because of my digital nomad travelling

How to Deliver a Memorable Pitch in 6 Steps

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When you network do you make it clear to your audience why you do what you do and how you provide a solution? Chances are you are promoting the features of your business not the benefits.  When you share the benefits, you will encourage more of a ‘buy in’ to

Running makes you a more effective individual

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Regional Manager of Body by Vi and Nordic Ski instructor, Ashley Sandy, talks about how the fresh alpine air of Switzerland inspired her to start running. When did you start running and why? I lived in Switzerland from 2005 to 2009. During my time there, a friend and I decided

How Visual is Your Business?

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Building awareness about and raising the profile of your business is one of your biggest challenges, right? It’s all about how to get your voice heard above the noise and above your competition. It’s all about how you promote or market yourself. Here are my suggestions about how you can

Networking Doesn’t Work, Does It?

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Now, I’ve been networking for business for almost ten years. And during that time, I’ve achieved a huge level of success from networking. What have I achieved? Trusted suppliers, long term clients, exciting collaborative opportunities and loyal friendships. Why, because I love to meet and get to know new people,

Why Collaboration Works

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Fast becoming an emerging trend in small business development, the act of working together or collaboration with others is a positive way to develop improved performance and to deliver enhanced solutions to customers in your marketplace. When it comes to thinking, planning and doing, don’t people say that two heads

Want Better Engagement – Write a Blog

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At the request of one of my blog readers – thank you for inspiring today’s blog topic - have you thought about a different way of marketing yourself or your business to current and prospective clients via a regular blog? What makes a good blog? I believe the art of