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Is the Northern Lights on your bucket list? What’s on your living list?

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On a recent trip to Iceland, my husband and I were blessed to witness an awe-inspiring life moment – the magnificent Northern Lights, in all their colourful glory. A truly thrilling and unforgettable experience. Mother Nature’s hypnotic performance of dance across a star-filled sky. Absolutely awesome. We live in an

Why Discount your Service?

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Discount, does it work in your favour? I'm sure you'd agree that there is a great deal of competition in business, as you strive to achieve a consistent level of sales? You know that sales are required for sustained business growth and development, and that without sales your business may

Live your Passion in 3 Steps

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What’s stopping you from doing what you love each day? Are you yet to identify how to bridge the gap between what you naturally gravitate toward and gain energy from? Are you ready to take a leap of faith and discover real purpose and fulfilment in your working life? Here’s

How You Can Make Your Confidence Happen!

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Last night I delivered my 'Mirror, Mirror on the Wall' Confidence presentation to the wonderful Folly Dollies WI group in Faringdon. A vibrant group of women, from young Mums to professional women in business, my talk focused on ways to become more confident. It was a pleasure to present to

Stop Hiding in the Dark

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A limiting belief can be likened to a blackout blind. It keeps you in the dark... A blackout blind is designed to stop light from entering a room. The blind keeps you in the dark. The blind prevents you from being able to see. Your limiting beliefs do the same.

Who’s In Your Way?

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Other people. Your work. Your kids. Your past. Your life. No, it's you. You are the ONLY one who gets in the way of you. So, you want to improve yourself. You've decided to invest time and money in developing 'you'. Excellent. Fortunately you are in a very good place because unlike

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