How to Think Yourself into Being More Productive

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When you sit down at your desk each day, what do you think about first? What you need to achieve for the day? Wonder what your connections are up to on social media? Avoid facing the tasks you don’t want to do? As you think, are your thoughts positive, pleasing

3 Reasons Why I Love to Work at Desk CoWork

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Let me set the scene. Since 2005, I’ve been working for myself. A majority of the time, I am out and about with my clients, either business performance coaching in their premises, or in a hotel foyer, or outdoors in the fresh air. When I’m not coaching, I focus on

The 5 Minute Productivity Challenge

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How many times do you look at your emails each day? Once, twice, every few minutes? Be honest because I'd safely bet that most people check their email at least 4 times an hour. Agree or disagree? Maybe you should count the times you do in the next hour! Email

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