Work/life balance is a popular and clichéd term used to describe what you can aspire to achieve in your life. However, I believe that in our fast-paced and daily-changing world, this term has lost its place. Instead there is a new word on the block – blending. Why? Because is your goal to bring balance to your work and lifestyle truly achievable?

What does work/life balance really mean?

Visualise a set of scales. When you look at the scales what do you see – balance or imbalance? Now add weight to one side of the scales and voila you’ve upset the balance. As you aim to bring balance into your work and life, do you upset your scales almost immediately because one side outweighs the other?


How does ‘balance’ impact upon your expectations?

Even with the best will and intention, achieving the ideal work/life balance is unlikely. Because life happens. Situations take place, to challenge the norm. This is reality. Let me ask you: Are you expecting too much of yourself in your quest for achieve perfect balance? How unrealistic and unattainable is this perfect state of being?

Shift your focus toward blending your working lifestyle

Think about the word blend. Blend means to mix, to unite, to bring together. Quite the opposite of balance. How does the idea of blending soften the idea of striving to achieve a perfect balance? When you consider blending, you remove the need for a definite boundary, instead you merge together a way of life.

Business Performance Coach, Gail Gibson

How does the action of blending challenge your perspective?

As you plan your goals and targets to achieve throughout 2016, give yourself a chance to break away from traditional thinking. Be brave and consider a new approach to your work/life blend.

How will you dissolve the ‘perfect’ scales and bring about a renewed sense of well-being blended together with the work you deliver and your lifestyle of choice? What change in thinking will it take? What challenges lie ahead for you to work through?

Remember, the 21st century working lifestyle is based on blending…