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Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: ‘O’ What a Wonderful Letter

Thursday, December 3, 2020|Mindset, Motivation, Personal Development, Self-Leadership, Wellbeing|

‘Oh, what a beautiful morning’ is a song that often springs to mind on my daily morning walk. On a recent walk, the song sparked a new idea. As I walked along, I began to think about 2020, the year I have had; what I have experienced, and what I have learned. My thinking unleashed; these ideas quickly linked to the title of the song. I thought “O” What a Wonderful Letter. Knowing haste was of the essence to capture my ideas on paper, I quickened my pace toward home. I hurriedly wrote down three ‘O’ words: Observe, Opportunity, and Optimism.

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: Be Present in the Process

Monday, October 12, 2020|Mindset, Personal Development, Self-Leadership, Wellbeing|

How excited do you feel when the ideas in your mind start to take shape in your life? One idea is spurred on by another. Soon you discover you have an array of things to do. Do you have the capacity to do it all or does the volume of your ideas stress you out? How are you being present in the process?

Fifteen Years and 5 C’s of Success

Monday, September 14, 2020|Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Mindset, Personal Development, Wellbeing|

I am proud to celebrate fifteen successful and rewarding years in business. Wow, what a ride it has been and continues to be. Not a day goes by when I am not thrilled to do the work I love. Each morning I am filled with gratitude and purpose for the day ahead for the coaching work I get to deliver, to touch lives and minds, to make a real difference.

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: Let’s Get Curious

Wednesday, September 9, 2020|Change, Leadership, Mindset, Self-Leadership|

When did we stop being curious? As children, we were filled with creativity and imagination. We explored the world around us; we learned to climb trees, ride a bicycle, dig in the soil, and discover things. As we grew, we moved into a system of education, followed by, for many people, a working environment. Is this the point where we were stripped of being curious? What if we gave ourselves permission, once again, to embrace a more curious approach?

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: When Opportunity Knocks

Wednesday, August 26, 2020|Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Limiting Beliefs, Mindset, Personal Development|

The Merriam Webster dictionary cites the definition of the term ‘when opportunity knocks’ as ‘when a person gets the chance to do something he or she wants to do.’ An interesting thought I have contemplated on many occasions. How do you know when opportunity knocks? Does opportunity knock at all or is it your responsibility to knock on opportunity’s door? 

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: It is OK to Take a Break

Thursday, July 23, 2020|Goal Setting, Mindset, Personal Development, Wellbeing|

We can all become overwhelmed in the work we do or the life we lead. It happens. Often, when we take on too much or fail to give ourselves time to step away and recharge. Life can become super-fast paced, and we sometimes believe that we need to keep up with the speed. It is like the accelerator pedal is stuck on maximum. Each day whizzes by in a flash and we become casualties, as we burn the candle at both ends. It is OK to take a break.

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: Why Am I Grateful for COVID 19?

Monday, June 29, 2020|Mindset, Motivation, Personal Development, Self-Leadership, Wellbeing|

This month I was inspired by an action – to list the things I am grateful for. As part of my regular morning routine, to set myself up for the day, I affirm three things I am thankful for in my life. So, I decided to take the calendar action one step further, to consider why I am grateful for COVID 19, and focus on the positives I have achieved during the crisis.

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: Finding Joy in the Moment

Monday, May 25, 2020|Mindset, Personal Development, Wellbeing|

It was during the delightful tea ceremony that we were able to find joy in the moment. What I noticed was the world seemed to slow down so we could savour every second. Sitting in an ancient temple, away from the hustle and bustle of the street, it was an almost automatic transition to a place of calm and reflection. Our surroundings welcomed us to step in and switch onto the joy of the moment.

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: From Isolation to Revelation

Monday, April 27, 2020|Change, Mindset, Personal Development, Wellbeing|

What a time for introspection, wouldn’t you agree? Right now, for many of us, we live our days in a state of forced isolation. The impact, even though it is immense on our mental, emotional, and physical state, provides us with a unique opportunity to step inside ourselves. Unforced, liberating, and available – the act of going inside for calm when all around us is chaos.

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: Why I Walk in Nature

Friday, March 27, 2020|Limiting Beliefs, Mindset, Personal Development, Wellbeing|

Whether you’re switched on digitally or not, there is a lot going on. We frequently overfill our diaries, our time, and our minds. Do you feel like you have been pulled into the vortex and you’re spinning endlessly? If only you could press stop. Now, I’m someone who loves to step away from the noise daily, to walk in nature. I have a strong inner need to download my thoughts, and to refresh my mind, body, and spirit. When I fail to make time to do this, my mind remains in a contact state of busyness and I am aware that I do not deliver the best of who I am, to my loved ones, friends, or clients.

How to Bring Your Perfect Vision into Focus in 2020

Monday, January 20, 2020|Business Development, Career Development, Change, Goal Setting, Mindset, Personal Development, Professional Development|

Did you know ninety percent of my clients tell me getting things done is their #1 challenge in business? Many clients feel that due to their own and external expectations, countless distractions and an often-overwhelming self-imposed workload, there is frequently never enough time in the day, week or month to get their work done. We all get 24 hours each day, it just depends how you manage your time.