“How do you weigh an elephant without using a scale?” is an interesting career interview question.

Set within my Twitter friend and colleague, Hammad Siddiqui’s latest career development book, ‘Bootstrapping your Career‘, this question is one of many designed to challenge the thinking of an interviewee.

What else can you discover in the book?

In a nutshell, Hammad’s book delivers ‘simple thinking and practical career advice’. Hammad’s no nonsense and down to earth approach allows you to discover how to create exciting and changing career prospects for yourself.

Hammad’s writing style is conversational. You feel like you are having a face to face chat with him about how to develop your career. His easy to read and easy to understand book is filled with practical tips.

This book is a step by step and thought-provoking guide to encourage you to broaden your thinking about ways to market yourself. In particular, Hammad highlights the importance of networking and social media as key tools to achieve success.

An ideal book for students, graduates or anyone who is looking for ‘remarkable’ ways to enhance their own career development.