Fast becoming an emerging trend in small business development, the act of working together or collaboration with others is a positive way to develop improved performance and to deliver enhanced solutions to customers in your marketplace.

When it comes to thinking, planning and doing, don’t people say that two heads are better than one? Two minds thinking about the same idea however differing creatively in opinion and strategy which leads to a better range of solutions to deliver.


Depending on the reason for your collaboration ask yourself:

  • What is the potential outcome?
  • How can collaboration improve results for my customer and my business?

These questions will help you determine what you plan to achieve and provide a good foundation to build on.

Consider training. This is one area where collaboration is particularly effective. Reflect on training courses and events you have attended.

Consider the trainer(s) who facilitated your learning process:

  • What was the impact on your learning?
  • How effective was the delivery?
  • What difference did two trainers make to your overall impression?
  • Did you learn and retain more or less as a result?

Why are two collaborative trainers better than one in a training delivery situation?

  1. Less monotony as you can listen to varied voices and language styles
  2. Improved level of insight, challenge, and inspiration which can increase your thinking and participation
  3. Better training delivery and achieved outcomes

When you collaborate you enable a like-minded approach to business; you share a synergy. Your collaboration allows you to exceed the expectation of your customer.

Collaboration brings:

  • inspiration
  • motivation
  • challenge
  • expertise
  • individual flair and style
  • growth and progress

Next time you plan to deliver improved solutions to your customer, think about individuals or groups in your network of contacts who you can collaborate with to help you achieve better results. Share your ideas and seek a way to mutually benefit the success for your customer and your business.