Really you say? January is months away…2014-10-16 11.26.23

In reality, as I write this post on September 14th, it is only 15 weeks until January 1st 2018.

As you consider the question I’ve posed, think about the season of autumn. What starts to happen in September? The children return to school after a long summer holiday. Mother Nature changes her display. In many ways, September marks the dawn of new things to come. Look around you. You’ll notice that nature begins to prepare itself for the winter and beyond, to the next season of spring as well.

As nature inspires us to make a head start, imagine how much more you can achieve when you plan ahead for 2018?

How much you can improve your personal performance, now, instead of waiting to set a New Year resolution on January 1st 2018?

What can your business look like and how you will feel as 2017 closes. Will you be confident in the knowledge that you have focus, clarity, direction and purpose for 2018?

How would you like to take part in an exclusive opportunity to BOOST your 2018 personal and business performance?


I’m offering FOUR small business owners (conditions apply) the chance to JOIN an exclusive

12 week ‘September is the NEW January’ outdoor performance business coaching programme.

The programme will help you prepare and plan for improved business performance in 2018 and you’ll get fit fresh and focused in body and mind too. Sessions must be booked and taken between October and December 2017 – a glorious time of year, full of colour and change, to be in the great outdoors.

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The concept of outdoor performance coaching is definitely unique, and I know of no other business coach in the UK who is delivering coaching in this way. With a focus on a fresh air perspective and whole body movement, my outdoor performance coaching programmes allow my clients to think in a distraction free environment, to gain more clarity and a better sense of direction and purpose in their life and business, whilst getting fitter.

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