Wellness coach, Mum of 3 and charity runner, Claire Dore, shares why running outdoors, distraction free, gives her access to her best business ideas.

When did you start running and why?

Back in 2012, after having children, I wanted to get fit. With short bursts of time available, between school runs, parenting and running a home, I quickly discovered that running worked for me. Rather than having to get in the car and travel to the gym, which would limit my already limited time, I could simply put on my trainers and head out the door.

Run solo or with a group/club? Prefer to listen to music/podcasts on your run or take in the sounds of nature?

Both. For longer runs on a weekend, I run with friends. During the week, I run solo or with my dog. When I started running I ran with music. However, as I live in a rural location, music stopped me from hearing traffic and it became dangerous and a distraction. Once I removed my headphones I found that running with nature put me into a meditative state. In this space, I could gather my thoughts and my best ideas for business were born – free from distraction.

What are the 3 top reasons why you love to run?

Fitness. Space to think. Performance.

Running keeps me body and mind fit. When I am well in myself and full of energy, I deliver a better level of myself and my Wellness Coaching to my clients.

What effect does running have on your performance as a business owner?

Running improves my personal performance. A healthy and balanced lifestyle which includes running and cross fit sessions, enables clarity, focus and direction in my business. Running allows me to gather thoughts, to work through challenges and to unearth ideas. Running helps me work smarter, not harder.


How does running impact on your energy levels as you run your business?

I have more energy. Running energises you to a better level of creative thought. When you sit at your desk for too long, as you try to work through a challenge, what happens? You feel more stressed and your challenge mounts up instead of being resolved.

Going for a run, or even a short walk around the block, can help you gain a fresh perspective, removed from distraction.

Describe the feeling of achieving a PB

Elation. You reflect on the effort and training you put in and you feel a rush of personal achievement.

How could you benefit from running with someone who can help you work through your challenges?

Running frees your mind to possibilities. It lifts your thinking to another level. An opportunity to run outdoors and work through your business challenges at the same time would be a huge benefit. Distraction free and focused, and you get fit too.


Why would you recommend the activity of running to other business owners or executives?

Running is low cost. Running allows you to download your thoughts. Running clears your head.

Being outdoors in the fresh air is my space, in my time, and I love it.