5Ps-of-Blogging-Heidi_CohenAt the request of one of my blog readers – thank you for inspiring today’s blog topic – have you thought about a different way of marketing yourself or your business to current and prospective clients via a regular blog?

What makes a good blog?

I believe the art of successful blogging is based on one thing. Winning the buy in or engagement from your target audience. When you achieve a buy in this can make the difference between a good and an average blog. As well, consistency is key. Once you start writing, make time to keep writing on a regular basis.

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In reality the success of a blog depends on engaging, relevant, insightful content.

Consider the blogs that you read. What makes them stand out? What is it about them that you enjoy – do they inspire you, challenge your thinking, or inform and educate you?

What can you write about?

To get you started you must consider ‘why’ you want to write a blog. What is the purpose of your blog? Ask yourself: “What value will this bring to my audience” and “How will it make a difference to their life ir business?” Always consider the specific or general needs of your reader – what are they looking for? – help, advice, challenge or to be entertained? What style of content is best suited for positive customer engagement and to develop a following? Content that adds values and caters to your readers’ needs.

When you meet the needs of your reader, you add value to the relationship, resulting in a better engagement, with the potential to lead to new opportunities for you, your life, business or career.

Where to start?

There are numerous excellent online blogging platforms such as WordPress and blogger. Alternatively if you have a website you can embed a blog page in the design element. This is a huge benefit as your visitor then has easy access to not only your blog but the rest of your business as well.

Top tips to remember:Blogging-Tip-Post-it-Note-

  • Be clear about why you are writing a blog
  • Meet the needs of your reader – what do they want to read, listen to, or hear?
  • Make time to write regularly
  • Link your blog to your social media platforms to harness the power of getting in front of a bigger audience
  • Be creative with your content – include images, video, audio etc
  • Encourage engagement and interaction with your reader by posing questions
  • Make a list of topics for your first 12 posts – it is recommended that you post a blog at least once a week.

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Have fun as you write your blog posts. Inject your personality and style to give your reader a chance to ‘get to know you’. Once you begin to write a regular blog, and you commit to making it happen, you’ll find your topics will be on a roll. Good luck!