A friend once said the art of taking a vacation is not to escape your daily life, rather to reconnect with self, and to bring back and live your new emergence.

How often do you go on vacation and start to do things you fail to make time for in your everyday life, both pre and post vacation?

Surely that’s the whole idea of taking time off I hear you say.

To slow down, unwind, rest and explore. To plunge yourself into your own personal adventure. To recharge.



Think about how you feel before you go on vacation. Do you recognise these words: Tired. Overworked. Stressed. Busy. Excited. Curious.

I hear you.

Is your pre-vacation state of mind the direct result of not making time to de-stress, sleep well and switch off from the noise of life, as part of your typical life routine?

As I write this post, I am sitting on a beautiful beach in Thailand. The beat of the waves on the shoreline inspires my words. The blue sky and sunshine is glorious. Yes, I am on vacation. Yes, it’s idyllic.

And yes, I booked this vacation to escape the challenging time I’ve experienced over the past few months.



However, today on my morning walk along the beach, I stopped and realised something.

This is not an escape. This ‘white space’ time is a personal gift to myself to help me realise that I have the power to create ‘me’ moments daily.

It was during this morning’s meditation that I decided to record the natural sounds of the waves crashing on the beach. I can take home my beach sounds and practice my meditation daily, while visualising myself sitting on the beach in Thailand. I can immerse myself in the moment and continue to recreate the feelings and joy associated with slowing down, relaxing, and focusing on my breath and thoughts.

From today, I have chosen to reconnect with self and with the help of my wave recording, I can commit to continuing my vacation experience at home.

As a play on words for the bumper sticker: A vacation is for life, not just as an escape.


Pardon the interruption. Two weeks have passed since my vacation.

Hand’s up your honour – I’m guilty of two things. 1. I did not finish writing this blog 2. I have not committed to making time to be in the moment with my wave recording, at home.

I gave permission for life to happen. I did not make time for ‘white space’.

There’s no point beating myself up for not doing it. The point is that I can restart my daily practice. It is my choice. It requires a slight shift in mindset to welcome the space into my day.

How will I do this?

The first step is to reflect on how great it felt to be in the moment, on the beach. When something feels good, you want it to continue.

I remember feeling calm and being in the moment allowed my mind chatter to slow right down. I fully embraced the sensory experience – the sounds of the waves, the gentle breeze on my skin, and the salty smell of the sea. Bliss.


I made a new commitment to myself. I now ‘step onto the beach’ each morning.

As you enjoy your summer vacation, what one new habit will you consider as a gift to yourself? Think about how the habit makes you feel. Imagine building your white space habit into your daily life to continue living your ‘in the moment on vacation’ experience…

Go on, make it happen.