Two social media stories captured my attention today. Both stories highlight the action of going an extra mile for your market.

Is this something you and your business do?

Let’s look at the first story about Timpsons Drycleaning. As the image shows, the company is offering a helping hand to those most in need, individuals who are out of work and looking for a job. Agreed this is clever marketing, however the message reaches out to touch and exceed the needs of their target audience.


What has Timpsons delivered? The opportunity to inspire trust in their brand. By holding out their hand to say ‘We’ll make you look smart, for free’, they allow a buy in to their brand and why they do what they do. As well this business gesture makes Timpsons a remarkable business. It makes them stand out from the crowd, be different and be memorable. Like me, others are ‘remarking’ about them.

And the second story, although not the most attractive of topics, delivers the same message as Timpsons. Virgin Trains went the extra mile to help one of their passengers in his time of need.

Here are some questions to consider for you to be remarkable:

  • What makes your business remarkable?
  • When did you last exceed the expectations of your customers?
  • What did you do be remarkable?
  • How do maintain your remarkability?
  • What will you do this year to go an extra mile for your customers?
  • How will you inspire trust in your brand?

Sometimes it can be the smallest gesture that gets people talking about your brand…