When asked, “How did you fall in love with your business?”, what is your reply?

Do you love your business right now?

Being in love with someone special in life takes effort, commitment and time. Being in love with your business is the same.

Feel like you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling for your business?

If you’ve fallen out of love and you look at your current business situation, what immediately springs to mind? Do you feel stuck, uninspired or overwhelmed? Lost your mojo? Got a great idea you’d love to launch but you fear taking a leap of faith? Has your work become boring and you’re not working with your ideal clients?

Business Dream

Lost your romantic spark?

Imagine how you will feel when you discover how to reignite the passion for your business, so you can fall in love (again) with your business dream.

Here’s how you can.

  1. Make time to reflect on the giddy romance you experienced when you first set up in business.

    Why did you set up your business? Where did the passion come from? How did it make your heart skip a beat? What were the high energy ‘buzz’ moments? How did you fall in love? Capture your reflections in writing to inspire you to rekindle the lost love.

  2. Review your current business challenges.

    Are these key issues stopping you from making the right decisions? From time to time, losing your spark and feeling flat happens. It’s OK – you’re human. You will have highs and lows in business. Identify and accept how and why you’re feeling the way you are. Is it time to ask for help to shift the things that are holding you back e.g. limiting beliefs, fear, lack of confidence or wrong priorities? An outside perspective can challenge and refresh your thinking and help you create a positive plan of action.

  3. Reconnect with your WHY.

    Many business owners share what, how, when, where, and with whom they operate. However, the ‘why’ is often overlooked. Your why (your passion, belief or what/who matters) must to be the central focus of your entire business. Take your business on a date. Inject a sense of fun, treat your business and enjoy the moments as you fall in love (again).

  4. Celebrate your renewed love.

    Write down 5 positive affirmations about why you love your business. Post your words in a visible place e.g. as your screensaver on your phone or laptop. Say your affirmations aloud each day with a beaming and loving smile on your face.

Fall in love with business dream

When you fall in love all over again, you’ll discover a new sense of purpose, focus and direction for your rekindled passion. Make your dream of running a successful business come true.

Because you CAN make it happen…