How Would You Like to Work Out to Work It Out?

The concept of outdoor personal performance coaching is definitely unique, and I know of no other business coach in the UK or Malaysia who is delivering coaching in this way.

The remarkability factor is that I have combined my passion for outdoor exercise and well-being, with my traditional coaching knowledge and experience, to provide a holistic approach to mind, body and life/business fitness.

With a focus on a fresh air perspective and whole body movement, my outdoor performance coaching programme allows my clients to think in a distraction free environment, to gain more clarity and a better sense of direction and purpose in their life and business, whilst getting fitter.

You are who you are until you choose to see who you can be

Join Gail’s outdoor Can Do coaching programme.

How ready are you to challenge your body, your mind and your life/business?

Gail is moving everything to a new level with her FIT FRESH FOCUS. She’s taking her clients outside with a power walk to get a whole new focus. Inspiring people to move their bodies, and believe in themselves and their ability to achieve great things.

Santosh Sagoo was at a life crossroad. She had recently left a 15-year role in a strategic management position and was looking for a new direction. Santosh was keen to explore life coaching from a different angle. Read Santosh’s story

Fresh air thinking, as Gail takes her traditional coaching skills into an outdoor arena. Move your mind and your body. Develop a better level of creativity, clarity and focus.

53 year old personal branding specialist, Debbie Smith, wanted to get fitter and healthier but with a busy personal and professional life, she’d been unable to make exercise part of her daily routine. Read Debbie’s story

Outdoor sessions include:

  • 1 x 30 minute online Zoom Discovery Call to explore your why and to set your programme goal
  • 6 x 60 minute Outdoor ‘Walk and Work It Out’ Can Do coaching sessions
  • Fortnightly sessions over a 12 week period
  • Weekly Whatsapp #GetThingsDone nudge

To find out more or to book a programme click here.

Providing Sanctuary from Chaos

Gail can help you improve your personal performance. Her outdoor Can Do coaching programme is designed to set targets, measure, challenge and motivate you to achieve winning results.

Ashley Sandy was launching a new business as an outdoor fitness instructor offering Nordic walking classes in Wiltshire. Gail’s outdoor coaching programme attracted her as it gave her the chance to discuss her new business plans and challenges with an experienced business coach while also gaining from the benefits of exercising in the fresh air. Read Ashley’s story