A limiting belief can be likened to a blackout blind. It keeps you in the dark…

A blackout blind is designed to stop light from entering a room. The blind keeps you in the dark. The blind prevents you from being able to see.

Your limiting beliefs do the same. They keep you in the dark.

How many blackout blinds do you have in your life? How many of your blinds or limiting beliefs do you allow to stop you from seeing the light?

Imagine the moment when you choose to lift the blinds in your life.

What is the first thing you notice? Sunshine enters your life and the brightness shines to show you the way. The light creates warmth and a positive glow around you, giving you renewed energy.

Wow, how amazing do you feel?

In the summer, a blackout blind is great when you want to enjoy a good sleep, in the dark. Not so, when you want to bring light into your life!

Stop hiding in the dark. Open the blinds in your life. Reframe your thinking, and choose to welcome and embrace the light and say “I can!”

Image Source: www.findersandsellers.com