confidentOn a scale of 1:10 where would you measure yourself currently, in terms of (a) confidence in yourself and (b) confidence in your business? Are you close to 10 in both, or have you scored yourself between 5 and 7?

Being confident in yourself and demonstrating confidence when speaking about your business is key to your success. It’s about believing in yourself, your talents and your skills. When you believe in yourself, and you are happy with who you are, your confidence will show. On the other hand, when you have a low level of self-belief and self-esteem (how you feel inside), your lack of confidence will show.

What can you do to build confidence in yourself and your business?

Play to your strengths, the things that you are best at. For instance, if you love to write, however you feel less confident because you’ve taken on other related work which doesn’t excite you or fuel your passion, ditch the other work, change direction and do what you’re great at. There is always someone else who enjoys delivering the ‘other work’…

Do you prefer to speak to and show people what you do rather than write? Does writing make you feel less confident as a way to promote your business? Make use of tools and platforms where you can confidently ‘show & tell’ your business such as video, Slideshare, podcasts, or vlogs (video blogs). Alternatively if you feel less confident to speak and you prefer to write, be creative with your words and blog.

confidentKeep building your confidence through the way you deliver yourself and your product or service.

Believe in yourself and the great skills and talents you have that you can share with others. Listen to what people are saying about how you deliver your service to them. When you view your client testimonials you can consider: What do they learn, how do they change/transform as a result, and how does working with you make them feel?

Remember to ask for help if you don’t feel like you can overcome your lack of confidence alone.  When you work with a life or business coach, dependent upon your personal or professional needs, you’ll be amazed how much more confident you can become.