How do you stay consistent and relevant without using social media?

An excellent question asked by a colleague of mine following a recent blog I wrote about how to quit social media successfully.

Her question got me thinking…

My 2019 focus is to build better business relationships organically. To make this happen I’ve had to identify and implement different routes to market.

Let me share the ways I have chosen to market without using social media (LinkedIn is the sole social media platform I use)

Network. Shift your focus from online to offline. Make an effort to explore new groups in your local area. Be open to connect, learn and grow, both yourself and your business. Attend regularly to remain consistent. I love the buzz from and power of networking because you never know where a conversation can go.

Speak. Look for opportunities where you can share your story. When you speak to a group of people who are keen to learn, be motivated or who are looking for inspiration, you gift yourself an opportunity to connect on a deeper level and to gain customers.

Email Marketing. Start that newsletter you’ve been telling yourself you’d write. Create a list of topics and decide on the frequency of distribution. Build your list (no name scraping from network events or workshops as it breaks GDPR rules) Encourage signups via a pop-up box on your website and include on your email signature. I’ve added a complimentary copy of my networking ebook as an incentive for my subscribers. What freebie or How-to bonus report can you offer?

Marketing without Social Media

Write More. With less distraction and noise, when you lessen or eliminate social media, you can make time to write with greater frequency. Less mind clutter allows creative thoughts in. Stay consistent and be more productive when you share your experiences, insight, and perspective with your growing audience. The search engines will help you grow organically when you add relevant, consistent and original content to your website.

Podcasting and Radio for Business

Start a Podcast. Invite inspiring guests to share their stories around a theme that is relevant to you and your business. I thoroughly enjoy listening to my guests on my podcast The Can Do Way. Each one has an individual story to tell. I learn something new from each interview and my guests can raise their profile too. Share your podcast on your website as a blog post and feature each episode in your regular newsletter.

Quench your Thirst for Knowledge. Make time to read books, listen to Ted talks and podcasts, to be inspired and keep learning. The more you read, the more you will feel compelled to write, whether you aim to educate and inspire, or challenge with opinion and insight.

Write a Book. Tell your story in the chapters of your life/business journey. Your story is unique as it belongs entirely to you. Think about why and how your book can inspire, help, shift mindset, or build performance etc How will your book be remarkable? (The secret to writing a book: START don’t think, just do it)

Ask. One of the best ways to stay relevant and consistent as you market without social media is to ask for opportunities. A quote I often share (told to me many years ago) is ‘If you don’t ask, you won’t give them a chance to say Yes’. If you want to speak at an event, be interviewed for a podcast or radio show – ask. If you want to write a guest blog – ask. If you want to appear as an expert in a video – ask.

These tips can help you remain consistent and relevant as you build your business offline. Maximise your content and share it via your tool(s) of choice with your existing network and growing audience.

When you commit to becoming distraction free, you will discover that your most productive time will produce your best work. Empower yourself to achieve more and focus on ways to personalise your business relationships when you market without social media.

I’d love to hear which tips help you over the coming months. Feel free to share your comments and progress below #CanDo