quit social media

I’ve had enough.

In December 2018 I made a bold decision. It was time to quit social media. I shutdown my Twitter, Google+ and two Facebook Business pages.

You did what, you say?

Many of you reading this are probably scratching your heads and questioning my motives. Because through coaching sessions I have encouraged you to realise the benefits of using social media to grow your brand online.

What prompted my decision and action? I’ve had enough of the noise, the distraction and the chaos of social media.

Inspired by Dr Cal Newport’s TedX talk “Why you should quit social media” I thought about the platforms I use, the frequency of posts, my target audience and my time. For each platform I reviewed customer engagement and results achieved.

What was the outcome of my review? Most of the platforms (I’m still using LinkedIn) I was using to market my business were delivering a low return on the investment of my time and energy.

Time is the greatest gift we all have. However, I felt that the time I invested and my ROI via social media lead to ineffective and unproductive results.

Shift my mindset. Eliminate the noise. Declutter the digital toolbox. Streamline my marketing. Improve my time management.

quit social media

Since I quit social media how do I feel? Liberated. Focused. On purpose.

How am I now marketing my business?

Using the brilliant coaching tool of the GROW model has enabled me to turn my decision into reality and it provides a defined plan of action.

  1. G is for Goal. My 2019 goal is to personalise and grow my network, audience and mailing list. I love to write. I gain inspiration from my client relationships, the conversations we have, and the stories shared. From this wealth of information, I feel that personal (yet confidential) reflections can form the content I share with all of you, and my emerging audience.
  2. R is for Reality. This is why I made a bold and brave decision to quit social media. It was time to move away from the distraction, noise, chaos and better use my time. I’m making time to write and network. I’m making time to post to a single platform – LinkedIn – where my best client engagement and returns come from. I prefer the clarity and quiet space to deliver the best content and the best ‘me’ I can.
  3. O is for Options. Choice plays a significant role. I chose to break free from ‘following the herd’ and shutdown my ineffective social media platforms. I choose to not listen to the nay sayers who told me I’d have no digital footprint and have chosen alternative routes to market.
  4. All the W’s – What, When, Why, Where. My updates and musings will happen via my monthly newsletter and my regular posts will be via LinkedIn. The focus of my content will be to inform, educate and inspire. Through my writing I aim to build a greater personal rapport – to have personal conversations with my growing audience. Through my speaking I’ll connect, share stories and deliver insightful and inspirational presentations; human to human.

My digital declutter is a work in progress.

Successful results will depend on my commitment, accountability and ongoing measurement of the process. I’m already seeing the benefit of better time spent on writing to connect. I’m excited by the challenge and the journey ahead – stay tuned for updates.

quit social media

What bold or brave decisions are you prepared to make in your business to enable clarity, focus and commitment to achieve your 2019 goals?

Will you quit social media and choose different routes to market? Struggle to see how business without social media can really work? Let’s talk.