How full of excuses are you? There are excuses and results. You cannot have both.

Such an inspiration. An individual who simply gets on with his life and just does it.

How often do you find yourself making excuses, sometimes even for the smallest reason? Imagine a different scenario where you don’t make excuses and, like Matt Scott, you just do it.

As I coach and speak, my business is exposed to different personalities, traits and behaviours. Likewise, in my personal life, the diversity of those closest to me show similar characteristics.

One key characteristic common between both groups: excuses.

Often you create barriers to circumstances and situations that you feel impact on and affect your life or business. It’s easy to make excuses, to put things off, such as not attending a networking event or social occasion. Why do you compile a long list, like in the video, of why you can’t do something?


Are you giving yourself positive self-talk?

What self-talk do you use when you make an excuse? Do words like “can’t”, “won’t be able to”, “maybe” or “try” sound familiar? These words create negative thoughts and feelings in your mindset.

Have you set a goal to create a new habit such as a morning fitness routine before you start your working day? You make a start on your routine for a week or so. Do you then tell yourself, “I can’t find the time”, “I try to do it everyday but I have urgent emails to answer” or “I don’t know how to stick with it”?

What will it take for you to banish your excuses and improve your results?

Here are five tips to help you stop making excuses and just do it:

  1. Say Yes or No not Maybe or Try. Set definite intentions.
  2. Banish the negative self-talk, shift your mindset and replace with positive and motivating words.
  3. Set yourself a new goal. Commit to taking action, ask to be held accountable and achieve it.
  4. Commit to giving yourself the gift of habit in 66 days #CanDo
  5. Stop talking and start doing. Less talk more action.


When you do commit you will achieve the results you desire. Once you accept that your choice can become a habit, it will be a positive and consistent tool for growth.

Life is too short to wait for another day.

Want to achieve better results in your life and business? Fed up with your own excuses?
Stop harping on about it, be like Matt and just do it.