Building awareness about and raising the profile of your business is one of your biggest challenges, right?

It’s all about how to get your voice heard above the noise and above your competition. It’s all about how you promote or market yourself.

Here are my suggestions about how you can promote an early stage visual type business.

Consider how visual your business is. For instance, are you a photographer, or do you make or bake things?

Keep it simple. To build a following of people who like what you do, show them what you do. Share your images on the free platforms of Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

Use your smartphone to capture images. Take photos in the moment when you are ‘working’ as these can showcase the best parts of how you deliver your business. Share photos of what inspires and motivates you in your work.

Create and share a free Tumblr blog. Tumblr is designed as a visual platform. Visual = less words, more images, tagged with relevant keywords. Be consistent – once you start blogging, keep doing it.

Share your testimonials. This gives people a chance to hear from others how great you are. Always ask your customers, friends and families to give you feedback about their experience. How about asking someone to do a video testimonial using your smartphone?

Manage your costs. Make good use of the social media platforms that generate the best engagement for you, before you spend money on getting a website designed. On Facebook you can create events, saving you printing costs, from which you can start to gather names for your database. Once you establish your database you can split your audience according to their buying habits. From here you can create and send regular communication in the form of an eNewsletter, once again saving you money.

Remember, if your business is largely visual, people want to see what you do, so show them.