One of the comments received today in response to my future-proofing presentation I delivered to college students for Enterprise Week in Surrey last Tuesday.

To challenge the thinking of the students was my focus.

Why? To provide an opportunity where together they were able to explore the biggest life dreams which can be achieved in their lives. To encourage the students to think ‘like there is no box’ about what their future work and career can look like from a different perspective rather than a typical and traditional linear path…

Most appreciated words of feedback from the amazing students:

“I have learnt that I need to be more confident with ideas and in myself”

“To be confident with things you do”

“To believe in any dream/idea you have”

“To be confident and why it is important to be confident”

“It was interesting to learn how successful people came to be as big as they are”

“What different skills you need to do well in the workplace”

So, what top tip will you share for students today to enable their success in the future?