Chartered accountant, self-confessed triathlon junkie, athletics coach and charity runner, Della Hudson, of Hudson Accountants in Bristol, shares her thoughts on why her running time is thinking time to help her perform better.

When did you start running and why?

In 2012 I started running again after a long absence due to pregnancy and parenting. I decided that running was ideal to help improve my fitness and it would give me time to myself. Then due to a knee injury, I took up swimming to maintain my fitness. At this time it was suggested that I give a triathlon a go, because of my love of running and swimming. I quickly became hooked. I survived my first triathlon in 2012 and have taken part in many others since. I find that my commitment to training helps hold me accountable.

Della Hudson Runs

Run solo or with a group/club? Prefer to listen to music/podcasts on your run or take in the sounds of nature?

I prefer to run alone because of the erratic nature of my lifestyle – as I juggle running my business and managing my family time. For personal safety reasons, as I live and run in a rural setting, I don’t listen to music. Running on country lanes puts me into freewheel mode and my running time becomes my thinking time; free from distractions.

What are the 3 top reasons why you love to run?

Running time is ‘me’ time. I run for fitness, to get stronger. Running is about improving how I perform, my own personal performance, in life and business.  

What effect does running have on your performance as a business owner?

Running gives me time to think, to problem solve and it challenges my perspective. When I’m performing at a high level physically, I feel mentally stronger too. I believe that when I am stronger in body and mind, I perform better in business.

perform better

How does running impact on your energy levels as you run your business?

Running keeps me in better shape and it helps me to sleep well. These combined elements enable productivity, creativity, accountability and success in my business.

Describe the feeling of achieving a PB

Invincible. Achieving a PB is one of the best feelings because it is instant, direct feedback for your effort. A PB takes you to another level because even when you are putting in countless energetic miles, there is no instant return on your investment. A PB is a pinnacle achievement in life, career or business.

How could you benefit from running with someone who can help you work through your challenges?

Personally I gain more from the benefit of solo running because my time is structure free. It is my time out from the structured environment that is accounting.

Della Hudson Bikes

Why would you recommend the activity of running to other business owners or executives?

To get away from it all. Running helps you to stay in better physical shape. Running helps you run your business better. Running develops your mental strength, your resilience, to help you to perform better.