“When my intention appears?” you ask.

It’s that moment when you read, hear or see the one thing you’ve been focusing on. Seemingly it appears out of nowhere but…it’s highly probable that your intention delivered the information to you.

“How can and does my intention do this?” you ask.

Your mind works in such a mysterious, yet amazing way. You focus on something, at times a ‘thing’ you want or need. What happens next is like a magical fishing line that casts itself from your mind. Once cast your line often hooks the ‘thing’ you want or need and then winds it in toward you.

You cast your intention and your reward is a huge catch!

In the past couple of days I’ve reeled in a mammoth catch. My intent for a ‘thing’ was cast a few months ago, however until now my line has only received a few bites. As I increased my intention, and once it was realised by the finned ones below the surface, the ‘thing’ I asked for was secured – hook, line and sinker.

My task ahead is to scale my catch, and then to create a delicious plate to satisfy the taste of my diners. Hungry?

When was the last time your intention rewarded you? I’d love to hear your ‘fishing’ stories and how you turned your catch into success! Do share your story in the Comments box below or you can email gail@gailmgibson.com