Now that the pancakes have been eaten, it’s time to give up things for the next 40 days.

Lent asks you to give up or refrain from something significant, perhaps a certain type of food, a behavior or a habit.

So too in business, what are you prepared to give up or give out for the next forty days?

Consider what Lent is asking you to do as a business owner. You are being given an opportunity to review your business, to see what is right in front of you, to look at what has been holding you back, and to identify areas that you could outsource or giveaway to someone else.

Lent presents a snapshot of reality, to either kick you into action or to encourage you to keep eating pancakes.


Make time to look at your business today, the first day of Lent.

First, examine what your business looks like, who are you working with, what work are you delivering, does the level of income support your lifestyle, and do you have new ideas you’d like to develop/new opportunities in the pipeline?

Secondly, think about the process of letting go or giving up what you no longer need. What are the things that are stopping you from moving forward? Are you procrastinating over the work you do? Are you spending more time on social media than on your work? Are you feeling stuck, with no focus, direction or plan?

Thirdly, consider which processes in your business you can outsource to someone else. Focus on how much more you will be able to achieve in the next 40 days when you no longer have to do X in your business. Think of the time you will have to network more regularly, or to take one of your new ideas to the next level.

Stop for a minute and take in the reality of your business, today.

Can you imagine what a difference the next 40 days can make to your business, when you shift your thinking and your approach to letting go and moving forward?