On a recent trip to Iceland, my husband and I were blessed to witness an awe-inspiring life moment – the magnificent Northern Lights, in all their colourful glory.

A truly thrilling and unforgettable experience. Mother Nature’s hypnotic performance of dance across a star-filled sky. Absolutely awesome.


We live in an age of social media. We enjoy sharing our life moments, so photos of our experience were soon posted on Facebook. What happened next inspired the thought behind this post.

Within a very short time, my post received countless Likes and Comments. Some comments expressed ‘jealousy’, while others were ‘wowed’ and in awe like us.

Several people made this comment: “It’s on my bucket list”.


A bucket list is the list you write up of the places or things you’d love to visit or do in your lifetime. Right? This list contains only the most special of experiences to be enjoyed at some point in your life; at a time in the future.

Let’s paint a picture of the bucket.

A bucket is a vessel which holds a good volume of content. You add ‘things’ into a bucket until they reach the brim. Once filled your bucket gets heavier. It becomes a burden to carry.


One friend, however, wrote these standalone words: “It’s on my living list”.

Now that is a shift in thinking.

Why stick ‘items’ in a bucket (metaphorically speaking), when you can live in the moment and make things happen now? The thought of a living list says Today rather that One Day or Someday, which I liken to ‘saving for a rainy day’. Chances are that rainy day will never come.

Of course, the big experiences in your bucket or on your living list cost money. Not everyone has the resources right now to fly to Iceland and see the Northern Lights.


However, why not consider the people or things in your life closer to home? What do you need to do to be more in the moment? How will you shift or change your thinking from bucket list to living list? It all depends on what matters to you and how you prioritise.

When will you start the shift toward living your list rather than carrying your heavy bucket?