When you network do you make it clear to your audience why you do what you do and how you provide a solution?

Chances are you are promoting the features of your business not the benefits.  When you share the benefits, you will encourage more of a ‘buy in’ to you and your product or service.

Is your pitch memorable?

Here are 6 steps to help you deliver a remarkable business pitch:

1. Make your Words count

Typically you have only 60 seconds to make an impression. Remember to prepare and practice your words, to ensure your message will ‘wow’ the crowd.


2. Avoid Industry Jargon

Deliver your message in plain English. Confuse your audience and you’ll lose them in an instant.

3. Create Impact

Ask a question which touches a trigger point of pain in your audience, to engage and spark interest.

4. Be Memorable

Paint a picture for your audience. People remember things they can ‘see’.

5. Know your Audience

Who are you aiming to market yourself to? Your message isn’t for everyone however it is for a select group of people who need your unique solution.

6. What is your Call to Action?

What do you want people to do next? Make it clear and simple so they are keen to talk with you to find out more about your opportunity.

Become memorable to enable a better level of personal and professional development and business success.

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