2014-10-09 16.34.01Every river begins as a trickle…

At the source of the trickle is water, ready and waiting to burst into life. In a moment the trickle pushes outward, emerging from underground or through rocks and springs forth to forge a path. As the water quickens in pace, it courses over, through and around whatever obstacle appears on its journey. To the water this journey is an adventure into the unknown, as new pathways are created by the constant trickle.

Suddenly, no longer a mere trickle, the volume of water begins to race with intensity, cutting a deeper more creative path to its destination. The trickle becomes a steady flow, as the river meanders, rises and falls, on its journey.

From a trickle to a flow, a river never gives up, even when something crosses its path. The river will find another way.

Let me ask you: Are you at a point in your business where you are not sure whether to carry on with your current thinking? If this is you, how can you liken the analogy of the river to your current situation?

Think about it.

Today I was speaking to a colleague who is in review of where a current business idea is going. Having already achieved a high level of success from what they are doing, they reflected on the process of how they are putting together their offer. My colleague was challenged by the potential enormity of organisation and structure prior to delivery, and wondered whether to return to what they know and to shelve this particular offer.

To help I asked them to revisit their big dream related to the offer. As we talked through my colleague’s passion for and belief in why they were doing what they were doing, it dawned on them that rather than shelve the idea, it would be better to review the process and focus on keeping it simple and let it happen. To them, achievement of the big dream is totally doable and in collaboration with this current idea, it can be made real!

Now, my colleague’s business idea is young, which I liken to a trickle, as with the start of a new river. Their ‘trickle’ is beginning to quicken in pace as they have taken a flexible approach to meet the needs of their market. Their new river is finding its course.

What happens now if my colleague chooses to give up, because a dilemma (obstacle) has presented itself? Does a river give up?

No. Instead like the river my colleague has chosen to find another way to realise their dream.

What do you do when you’re faced with an obstacle on your river? Do you stop the flow or do you too, find and forge a new pathway?

As with any business challenge, you should always consider whether your idea is viable, by testing the water, to allow your river to flow on.

Never give up on your dream, simply find a new route.