While reading my copy of the latest Runner’s World magazine, I discovered a great new way to approach the concept of New Year’s resolutions. Instead of a creating a list of resolutions, why not focus on re-solutions instead?

What is a re-solution?

In my mind a re-solution is about making something happen. It’s about deciding on a solution and doing it. One example in the article was about setting a goal to complete your first 5km race. Agreed, your goal to achieve is to take part in the race. However your goal looks great on paper, and more often than not will remain ‘on paper’ only, as your motivation or resolution to actually make it happen can wane, can’t it?

Sound familiar?

Now let’s re-frame how you think about turning your 5km race goal into a re-solution or reality. What do you need to do? You must create the solution to your goal in your head. For example get off the couch, put on your trainers and start running. By taking action in the physical sense, you will be more inclined to commit to truly achieving your ‘mental’ goal.

That’s a definite solution wouldn’t you agree?

So, how will you transform your New Year’s resolutions into re-solutions that do happen?

Photo: www.mentalhealthy.co.uk