Fitness, fashion & food brand and content consultant, Michaela Deasy-Smith, shares her thoughts on why she loves to exercise out her thoughts.

When did you start running and why?

In 2007 my husband and I chose running as an activity to share time together. Encouraged by him, I started doing shorts sprints on a repetitive basis. Soon after, on a trip to visit family in Australia I ran every day with my Dad, for a month. The more I ran, the more determined I became. I was hooked and excited to take the next step to become an accomplished runner. So, in 2008 I ran my first marathon sub 3 hour and followed up with a 1.56 hour half marathon. To push my performance I trained with a personal trainer who then enabled me to achieve a 48 minute 10K time and 1.53 hour half marathon time in 2009.

Run solo or with a group/club? Prefer to listen to music/podcasts on your run or take in the sounds of nature?

To help manage my busy working lifestyle, as I blend my work and family time, I prefer to run solo. Because I find that music interrupts my flow, I love to listen to podcasts while I run. Why? To learn something new and it fits with the timing of my run length.

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What are the 3 top reasons why you love to run?

To keep fit so I present a positive first impression, in that I take care of myself, to align with my merging interest in the fitness and fashion work I do. To get away from my desk. Going out for a run provides social interaction as runners are a friendly bunch. It is a chance to escape the seclusion of the office. The outdoors is my creative space. To deliver my work with a clear head while I do my project work in the evenings, I believe that a good nutrition and exercise routine enables me to meet my lifestyle demands, with clarity.

Describe the feeling of achieving a PB

Spine-tingling. With a strong body, excellent posture and good technique, running a PB makes you feel great and it instils in you a desire to succeed. A PB equals peak performance and it makes you feel like you are part of a something special.

What effect does running have on your performance as a business owner?

Running clears the air and it gives me a chance to gain perspective. On a run when I have a thought about an issue or proposal I’m working on, I find that the fresh air helps me to add value, to add an extra special something to my work. Running challenges me. Some days I run at peak performance, while other days I am not a focused.

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How could you benefit from running with someone who can help you work through your challenges?

Running with a business coach is pure psychology. Thoughts and ideas gain clarity. Imagine clearing your cluttered thinking as you exercise out your thoughts. Running with my business coach helps me resolve issues and l find it gives me focus, purpose and direction.

Why would you recommend the activity of running to other business owners or executives?

Running offers results such as toning, distance challenges, and improved performance. Running provides an opportunity to strengthen your body and your mind, helping you look and feel strong. Running helps you develop your mental strength which is a key attribute as to how you apply yourself in your lifestyle, business or career.