How Much Do You Want to Maximise your Business Success?

The Can Do small business growth programme was co-created in 2012 by award winning performance coach, Gail Gibson  and Cynthia Crawshaw.

Designed for fledgling small business owners, the programme is for personal and business growth with a key focus on accountability and mindset development.

It is ideal for small business owners who want to:

  • Excel in personal and professional performance in life and business
  • Develop and grow their business to the next level
  • Achieve great results and success

Since 2013, the Can Do programme has enabled focus, direction, and success for many businesses in the UK. As the brand continues to develop, Gail will launch groups in Malaysia in 2020.

Want to know more?

Can Do Coffee Club
small business growth programme

The Can Do small business growth programme offers a focused, empowering, progressive business development environment where like-minded business owners meet on a monthly basis.

During the group coaching sessions members can:

  • Identify and discuss business challenges and explore solutions
  • Share expertise and knowledge in a supportive yet challenging environment
  • Learn and refine business skills to develop personally and professionally for sustainable growth
  • Receive targeted business advice
  • Network, collaborate and build strong win: win relationships to enable you to thrive, rather than just survive, in life and business
  • Participate in outdoor “Walk and Work It Out’ net-walking sessions to get fit, fresh and focused
  • Be held accountable for actions and progress

The programme includes:

  • An accountability buddy (a fellow member) for a regular, business focused chat to keep on track and commit to taking action
  • Monthly skills training sessions which focus on personal development and business growth opportunities
  • ONE business person per group can win the Can Do Business Person of the Year award (based on business performance criteria)

Value Added Opportunities:

  • Access to affordable group personal development and business coaching
  • Time to progress short and long-term goals and achieve better business results
  • Regular training to boost motivation, stay focused, be more productive, improve performance and grow your business
  • Extra support from your accountability buddy

“Running a business can be lonely, nobody is as invested in your business as you are. Having someone non-judgemental to discuss your business with, to hold you accountable and to help pick you up when it gets too much is priceless. It is a unique programme that pulls together the benefits of shared experience, training and individual coaching.”

From Fledglings to Soaring Eagles

What Graduate Members Say:

“Having the opportunity through the Can Do Business programme to build my business and become more accountable has been one of the greatest investments being a small business owner. Being able to network, share problems and ideas with people ‘in the same boat’ has been encouraging and so valued.”

“Great opportunity to grow your business in a supportive environment but with plenty of challenge.”

“The Can Do Coffee Club is a unique programme that provides structure with flexibility.  It has enabled me to explore different approaches to business and establish the values which I choose to abide by both for myself and my business.  It has taught me to recognise my business and personal life is not separate but intertwined.  I have come to believe that to succeed in business you must take inventory of yourself.  Have the courage to face your weaknesses and enjoy the process of making improvements and tweaks! It has introduced me to brilliantly talented people whose judgement and feedback I respect and trust.  It has provided me with different techniques to help me to perform at my best.  It has taught me the importance of responsibility and accountability.  It has been a source of stability during bad times and has provided me with numerous opportunities to stretch my wings and SOAR.  The person I look at in the mirror today is very different from 4 years ago.  I have found my self-esteem and am really proud of where I am now and relish the next stage in my business journey.”

“There are so many things that we have done that have challenged and stretched me. Taken me outside of my comfort zone and got me to think differently. And along the way, I have built strong relationships with the other ladies, I have used their services, they have used mine and now feel lucky enough to call them friends. Can Do has made me realise that to look after my business I need to look after myself.  Whether that be rewarding my successes or taking time out for me, I need to be kind to myself. During my time in Can Do, I have not only grown as a business, I have grown as a person.  My confidence has increased and I know I Can Do this. I am a reputable business woman and my clients are lucky to have me.”

“The business challenges, the accountability from Gail and my various accountability buddies have helped me and my business to grow. Committing to do something out loud, and then being accountable, motivates me do it. I’ve reached my goals and seen continual income growth year on year from new clients. Gail also challenged me to look at my own worth and as a result, I increased my prices for my existing clients, not once but twice. Can Do has boosted my confidence and I know I must continue to push myself out of my comfort zone, and not to be complacent – but when I do the rewards are great. On top of the accountability, support and advice, thank you to all the Group for the connections and not forgetting the camaraderie, fun and friendship!”

Is this the small business growth programme you’ve been searching for?