Social media, it’s all around us. It has become the preferred way to communicate and connect, in our social mediapersonal and professional lives.

Social media, it’s like Marmite – do you love it or loathe it?

Either way, it is vital as a business owner for you to embrace digital technology and how to integrate various platforms into your marketing strategy. What you want to avoid is getting bogged down by the negative hype that surrounds social media, as in, “I don’t want to hear about what someone is having for lunch”.

If you are a late bloomer then I suggest that you shift your thinking to see the positive impact it can have for you and your business.

Did you know that social media is one of the first places people will go to connect with you?

If you’ve recently met someone at a networking event, chances are they’ll check Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to find you, even before they head to your website.

Challenge yourself to take a leap of faith and join the social media revolution.

Next you need to focus on how you will connect and communicate with your audience. Who do you provide solutions for? What is your story? What makes you stand out from your competitors?

Here are 7 ways to help you be remarkable on social media:

  1. Create a strong ‘stand out’ profile. Include in your profile why you do what you do for your target audience.
  2. Become a #trendingtopic. Create a # hashtag signature which you include in every post.
  3. Research your target audience – how do they communicate, which platforms do they chat on, and when. Focus on the right platform – right time.
  4. Engage don’t sell. Social media is just that – a social way to have conversations, to get to know people, and to build a following. Your aim is to develop connections who know, like, trust and buy from you.
  5. Share your unique story. Marketing guru, Seth Godin, talks about the ‘connection economy’ and how vital it is to showcase the story of your business.
  6. Avoid distraction. Set aside time each week to use time management tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule posts. Less distraction = more productivity = better results.
  7. Develop a focussed digital communications strategy which integrates with your overall marketing plan. Spend time planning your goal, objectives, and measure/review points for each campaign.

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Explore the world of social media. Identify where, when and how your market is talking. Join in the conversation.