12 Ways to Beat Procrastination

Let's face, you, me, we all procrastinate. When faced with a task, we often question, think and decide whether to do something or not. In business, procrastination is a hot topic. In some instances procrastination causes stagnation as a business owner fails to move in any direction. This can be

Clarity and Creativity: Inspired by Running in the French Alps

Digital nomad, web designer, techie blogger and charity runner, Kelly Drewett, of Kaydee Web Design, shares her thoughts on how running in the French Alps inspires clarity and creativity in her work. When did you start running and why? I’ve run for several years, however because of my digital nomad travelling

Why build a legacy?

How will you be remembered? When you attend a funeral you listen to heartfelt stories about someone and their life. These stories encourage you to think about the vital importance of creating a legacy. Friends and loved ones paint a picture for us of the memorable moments they’ll forever cherish.

Stress. Who is to blame?

How often have you blamed stress on a situation or even on a person or group of people? Think about the times in your life when you have experienced stress. How did it come about? How did it make you feel? How did you relieve it? As you know, there