When you sit down at your desk each day, what do you think about first?

  • What you need to achieve for the day?
  • Wonder what your connections are up to on social media?
  • Avoid facing the tasks you don’t want to do?

As you think, are your thoughts positive, pleasing and progressive, or are you focussing on negative, nuisance and non-productive things?

You have a choice as to which type of thought you lead with.

Consider how you feel about yourself and the work you do.

Do you:

  • Think positively about the tasks you must complete?
  • Focus on achieving your daily goal?
  • Look forward to how you will celebrate each small win throughout your day?

When you only focus on how you will feel when you reach your goal, you’ll miss out on the enjoyment of the process of making your goal happen.

Consider your task list. Which task on your list starts you thinking negatively which can lead you toward a state of procrastination?

What does the process to reach your goal inspire in you? Joy or difficulty?

If you choose Joy, then crack on and make your goal happen.

If you choose Difficulty, then your challenge is to break down the negativity associated with the process.

Are you solely responsible for the process or can someone else help you?

What is it that you dislike about the journey to the goal?

Is it:

  • The time it will take to complete
  • The actual work involved (is it best use of your skills/talent)

Think through the process to allow yourself to determine whether the task is yours alone to complete.

This will help you clarify the purpose and the importance of your end goal.


Focus on the positive purpose of your goal and its process as you start working toward achieving more. Choose to think yourself into becoming more productive, in mind and action.