It was an honour to be asked to present at and be part of an International Women’s Day event in Bristol on Tuesday 10th March, hosted by Faye Dicker and Freelance Mum. Along with my two fellow presenters we were given the fantastic theme of Brave, Bold and Bonkers.

moonshotTasked with the BOLD theme, I searched for a thought-provoking yet inspirational core message for my audience.

During my explorations I discovered a recently launched Australian entrepreneurial group, Rare Birds and their amazing founder, Jo Burston. With an incredible vision to enable 1,000,000 female entrepreneurs globally by 2020, I was hooked and I realised this was the right idea to base my workshop around.

Split into small groups, my audience shared their collective thinking on the Rare Birds story and related questions I set. My aim was to open their minds to the opportunity of thinking the biggest they could, to visualise the dream for their business. Together we explored Jo’s BOLD moments of inspiration and how she made Rare Birds happen.

Together we discovered the word ‘moonshot’.

Built into the content of the launch blog written by Jo, she set out the Rare Birds BIG aims for the next two years. In her words she said, “This is our moonshot for 2017”.

moonshotAs I had been hooked by Jo’s concept, so too, the thinking of my audience instantly grasped the term ‘moonshot’. One word to completely unleash the BOLDEST vision for each one of their business dreams. And the result: ambitious, exciting and BOLD goals were shared.

Inspired by the words in Sir Richard Branson’s photo, let me ask you: What is your moonshot and how will your BOLDNESS move the world forward?