Other people. Your work. Your kids. Your past. Your life.

No, it’s you.

You are the ONLY one who gets in the way of you.

So, you want to improve yourself.

You’ve decided to invest time and money in developing ‘you’. Excellent. Fortunately you are in a very good place because unlike many people, you realise the importance of spending time with a coach who can help you work through your life to date and together you can explore ways to create your new life path.

You make a start on your new journey filled to the brim with excitement and enthusiasm. And then all too soon you find that things start ‘getting in your way’…

Who is getting in your way again? You.

It’s all too easy to blame other people or other things, isn’t it?  These other ‘things’ become a mountain of excuses as to why, what, when, and how… But did you know it’s actually easier to knock down a wall than to keep building one, brick by brick?


Reframing. Change your thinking. Change the language you tell yourself. Remove the bricks, one by one. Turn your changes into reality. Live them and believe in YOU.

Tell yourself – ‘I will no longer get in the way of who I can be!’

You know you can, can’t you? It’s just a matter of when.

Photo: itsolutionsblog.net