2014-10-16 11.26.23What do you think autumn is REALLY telling us?

Now I don’t know about you, but with a change of seasons, I’m feeling a little restless in my day to day business routine. Even to the extent the other day that I felt like I’d suddenly lost my business mojo. I hasten to add that very quickly my mojo was regained as I was able to openly discuss my feelings with a colleague.

As we talked, I recognised that as autumn is a season of change, where nature moves through a process of slowing down, so too the change of season in my business, can be a time to reflect, review and recharge. It is a time for me to recognise, accept and give myself permission, to be able to wRAP up warm this autumn.

Let’s take a look at nature. During autumn, nature provides a huge amount of inspiration, as you witness marvellous sights and change; designed, sealed and delivered by Mother Nature. Aside from the colourful seasonal display, what is the message behind this season? What is Mother Nature actually telling you?

Right now, you will see many seasonal changes; shorter days, leaves brightening in colour, soon to fall as a kaleidoscope of shades on the ground, bare naked trees, bright berries and signs of closing up for a while. Consider your business in relation to autumn. What is autumn telling you to do?

Here are my 3 Autumn Revelations:

  1. Recognise. Look around you at what busy squirrels are doing right now. Squirrels are gathering food for the winter months ahead. Soon food will be scarce as the winter frosts set2014-10-16 11.26.46 in and plants shroud themselves in a naked display. Storage of food for sustenance is of utmost importance right now. However a squirrel will only store what it needs, no more.

Are you recognising how you feel about your business right now? Is now the time for you to gather information and/or opportunities and make changes to your business product or service? Remember to be as productive as you need to be.

  1. Accept. What do bears do for the entire winter season? They hibernate. Winter is a bear’s time to slow down, to get cosy and to rest. Winter is a chance to sleep and to lessen the pace of life. For three seasons each year a bear’s life is hectic; from mating to procreating in the spring, to fishing and feasting throughout the summer, then making the ultimate hibernation den during the autumn. Phew, now that’s hard work!

Do you give yourself and your business an opportunity to slow down and take stock of what you have achieved or what is working well? Do you step back from the frantic busyness, and accept that it is OK to ‘build your den and rest’ for the winter? Slow down to better manage your energy to survive and thrive over the winter.

  1. Permit. After a long sleep, a bear will awaken refreshed and rejuvenated. The sleep is truly energy building. Inspiration comes from knowing a rebirth is on the horizon; new beginnings and new challenges. Just like a drained battery with no life left to give, the coming months can recharge and prepare you for the warm spring days to come.

Permit yourself to rebuild your energy levels. When you bring together the elements of recognition and acceptance, and then say to yourself, ‘It’s OK to step back, slow down and recharge’, you’ll be refreshed, reenergised and ready to launch a new product or service in the New Year.

I suggest that you wRAP up warm this autumn, wind down for the season, recharge, and then wind up for a new season of exciting opportunities.