Hi, I'm Gail Gibson

My Can Do Story

My Can Do story started with my childhood. I became naturally focused, flexible, and free-spirited through embracing challenges and opportunities. 

My ‘Can Do Mindset’ helped me to thrive at school and university, to be curious through travel, and to reach my personal best in work. Today, I share my mindset as an approach to helping more individuals and organisations achieve their personal best.

Gail Gibson Business Coach

Taking a Leap of Faith

My Can Do Mindset guided me to my most shaping experience of all, travel. Through travel I have fed my curiosity, conquered my fears, and taken risks. 

By embracing change, I have learned what I can achieve with a strong mind, body, and spirit.

Taking a leap of faith at the age of 21, I left Australia for Canada, then on to build a global network, living and working in the UK, Australia, and Malaysia. After 10 years of working in business performance management, I decided it was time to take another leap of faith. It was my time to realise my true purpose: to share my Can Do Approach with leaders across the world.

Happy Clients

I love having Gail’s support and guidance as my business and performance coach. Our sessions have provided me with confidence and stepping stones to achieve my goals. Since our first session, I clearly understood the steps and lifestyle adjustments I needed to make to progress my business and achieve the work-life balance that I am striving for – all while ensuring I deliver the best for my customers. Gail has also helped me to clear away the clutter and refine my purpose – not to mention, recognise and celebrate the amazing milestones along the way.

Kerri Hall,
Copywriter & Content Strategist

I love Gail’s energy and passion – it’s infectious! Her years of experience mean that she is quickly but gently able to zero in on what’s holding you back and help you to find ways of changing that. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Gail.

Delia Zanatta,
Founder & Co-CEO @Optunli

Sharing My Can Do Approach

In 2006 I started my coaching business. Seventeen years later I have worked with leaders and organizations throughout the world, tailoring my services across industries. Through meaningful work I’ve found joy, going on to become an accredited master coach, business mentor and consultant, international speaker, podcast host, and author. But above all, my greatest joy is to see people using my Can Do Approach to flourish.

My passion is to help female leaders be seen, heard, and flourish. I partner with senior female leaders harnessing growth mindsets to identify and tackle internal blocks and inspire confidence and competence, in readiness for personal and career advancement.

How ready are you to embrace a personal journey of discovery to lead authentically, create meaningful work, and inspire your personal and professional best?

No more excuses.

Step into your greatness. Become the leader in YOU!

Sharing my Can Do Approach is like putting a seed in the ground, nurturing it, and helping it to bloom.

And once someone flourishes, it is my job to help them continue to grow and thrive in any situation, so they can bloom year after year.