Known as the Can Do coach, I thrive on enabling leaders to step up, shake it off and shine

Gail Gibson is an award-winning master performance coach who enables you to live with purpose, create meaningful work, and reach your personal best. With a focus on mindset, well-being, action, and accountability, coaching with Gail will help you achieve peak personal performance and growth.

Gail loves being in the great outdoors – her green gym. In this space, she feels alive. The green space helps Gail switch off from the noise and chaos and switch onto herself. During these mindful moments curiosity, creativity, inspiration, and clarity abound.

Book a complimentary 30 minutes Can Do Discovery Session to explore an opportunity to work with Gail.

Performance coach Gail is moving everything to a new level with one of her latest peak personal performance coaching programmes FIT FRESH FOCUS taking her clients outside with a power walk to get a whole new focus; inspiring people to move their bodies and believe in themselves and their ability to achieve great things.

Do You Live & Breathe a Can Do Attitude?

In 2018 Gail launched her podcast, The Can Do Way on which she features guests from across the globe who share Can Do stories of growth, resilience, and success.

Over the past 2 years, Gail’s podcast has gifted her and her listeners access to an incredible selection of guests, with stories to refresh your perspective, bring you joy, and inspire Can Do positivity.

Always curious and with an insatiable appetite for a good yarn, Gail invites YOU to be a guest on her weekly show.

Gail is currently in the process of choosing 12 remarkable podcast interviews to feature in her upcoming book, ‘The Can Do Way’.

Imagine the additional PR & Marketing exposure you will enjoy globally from being featured in her published book.

If you live and breathe a Can Do mindset, and you have an inspiring perspective, a life-changing experience, or an intriguing story to share, then please do get in touch with Gail

Time for a Business Coach? Feature in THIIS magazine April 2017

Time for a Business Coach?
Feature in
THIIS magazine
April 2017

Business coach & fitness programme wins top award

Performance coach’s fitness programme wins top award
©Paredes Photography
Swindon Advertiser
9th February 2017

Guru offers business women power walks in Marlborough and Pewsey, Gazette & Herald, June 2 2016

Guru offers business women power walks in
Marlborough and Pewsey
Gazette & Herald
June 2 2016

Making great strides with Wiltshire women in business, Wiltshire Business, July 2016

Making great strides with Wiltshire women in business
Wiltshire Business
July 2016