Ignite Your
Can Do Mindset

Your Executive Leadership Coach

As your executive coach, I will help you harness your growth mindset to be heard and flourish.

 Together we will ignite your Can Do Mindset, support you to be your best, and build a vibrant organisation around you.

"Working with Gail is far more, than ‘just a performance coach’ – it’s a game changer."

Faye Dicker, Director,
Faye Dicker Broadcasting Ltd

Faye Dicker - Testimonial for Gail Gibson

Professional Coaching Programmes for Women Leaders

My leadership coaching programmes help you to reach and exceed your best. As your success partner I will design a personalised coaching plan that inspires you to take action. I will show you how to use the Can Do Mindset to learn, develop and sustain your personal and professional growth.

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Set targets and flourish.

If you want to lead with purpose as an individual and as part of your organisation, you need to know what matters to achieve what matters.

Choose a 3, 6 or 12-month coaching programme designed around personalised goals and targets. Dedicate time to reach your full potential as a leader and as an influencer in your organisation.

Team Coaching

Attract and retain a vibrant workforce.

If you want your business or company to thrive and give back to society, your teams need to be driving forward together and at their best.

Invest in a 6-month programme to create a healthy and inclusive workplace culture. Create an environment where your employees thrive in harmony and outperform in times of change.

About Me

My Can Do story started with my childhood.

I became naturally focused, flexible, and free-spirited through embracing challenges and opportunities. My ‘Can Do Mindset’ helped me to thrive at school and university, to be curious through travel, and to reach my personal best in work. Today, I share my mindset as an approach, helping more individuals and organisations to achieve their personal best.

Business Mentor - Gail Gibson

Happy Clients

Gail’s approach is friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. She inspires confidence and makes you feel you “can” whilst helping you understand what is actually realistic to achieve.

Helene Jewell, Founder & CEO,
Jewell Facilitation Ltd

Gail asks questions, holds me accountable and importantly listens to me. Whatever profession you are in, or area you want to specialise in, Gail will focus you, work with you and make sure you make those little steps or big leaps worth every moment.

Michaela Deasy, Head of Marketing,
Carter Schwartz

Do You Live & Breathe a ‘Can Do’ Attitude?

The Can Do Way Podcast

Welcome to my podcast, The Can Do Way.

My guests, from across the globe, have Can Do stories of growth, resilience, and success to share.

Tune in and be inspired by these individuals who have developed a strong ‘Can Do’ approach. Each one of their stories is unique. Each one of their stories has a key message.

My podcast gifts listeners exclusive access to an incredible choice of guests, whose stories refresh perspective, radiate joy, and inspire ‘Can Do’ positivity.

Always curious and with an insatiable appetite for a good yarn, I invite YOU to be my guest.

Have an inspiring perspective, a life-changing experience, or intriguing story to share?