The Working Women's Guide to Menopause: When the Heat is On, Don’t Sweat It!

The Working Women’s Guide to Menopause: When the Heat is On, Don’t Sweat It!

By Gail Gibson and Ruby McGuire

Ruby and Gail recognise that life does not stop just because women go through menopause. From sleepless nights, sweats, and forgets, to cardigans on and off, repeatedly. Women’s bodies change, their emotions too, but life and business carry on regardless.

Paperback and Kindle editions are available from Amazon UK.

Accredited master coaches and co-authors, Gail Gibson and Ruby McGuire, who coach business and corporate women in midlife, know how tough it is to balance work and life while navigating menopause.

Gail and Ruby get it. Sleepless nights, hot sweats, mood swings— can all make everyday life a bit overwhelming.

That’s why they have collected real-life stories, tools, and tips to help you tackle these changes with a positive attitude, and thrive.

Gail and Ruby hope their book helps you, as a professional woman, deal with life, manage your mindset and workload, and keep moving forward with confidence and a sense of control. To thrive through the change, and beyond.

Paperback and Kindle editions are available from Amazon UK.

I love this book…I’ve just read all of it with a (swimming pool-sized) glass of wine. I love the humour, the stories, the practical tips, the fact that I can adapt for me, the quizzes/thought-provoking questions, health tips, and strategies, honestly, it’s brilliant. I have bought a lot of these as presents!

Delia Zanatta, Founder and Co-CEO, Optunli Ltd

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Are you, or do you know a midlife woman struggling to take back control of their mindset through menopause? As a natural phase in a woman’s life, menopause can be a difficult time for many midlife women. Menopause is often called ‘the change’. Menopause is a change that happens to you. However, how you manage your mindset to change happening, can make a big difference.

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Absolutely, the best thing I have done back at the start of the year, Gail. I am different woman. And so glad to have found new friends through the process too. FC

Imagine yourself in 24 weeks… Renewed and confident, you are fully embracing the change. You are in control of your mindset. You are navigating an exciting and positive life toward your second spring!

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