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Letting Go: Why is it So Hard to Do

Imagine yourself in an aircraft, 10,000 feet above the earth, with a parachute strapped to your back.

You are one step away from jumping out. However, one of your hands holds tight to the edge of the doorway.

Are you thinking: “Do I need to jump? Surely, it is safer to stay inside and let the pilot land the plane?” 

Do I really have to let go?

Many parachuting enthusiasts across the world take that step. They choose to let go.

For a parachutist, the choice to let go adds excitement. Adrenalin kicks in and a leap of faith is taken. The act of letting go is a brave step. Fear is acknowledged and embraced. Flight is given permission to happen.

Letting go can be a scary yet valuable life lesson.

Even more so if you have experienced or are currently going through a redundancy process, at a critical midpoint in your career, or in life and career change exploration mode.

Right now, you are in a period of transition. Transition is a time when what you have done in the past meets what you are currently going through or doing.

This is an interesting meeting point that raises an unwelcome level of uncertainty, as you are thrust into the unknown.

Transition is a time when you can give yourself permission to let go. 

Many people are challenged by the idea of letting go. Feelings such as “I feel guilty” or “Am I good enough” often surface, as if on demand.

Why, because you have been conditioned to believe that you need to be doing something. Is this a result of having been the primary provider or breadwinner? Do you feel guilty that you are not looking after or contributing to your family? Do you find yourself trying to measure up to the expectations of others?

Letting go is about giving yourself permission to ‘be’.

Acknowledge how you are feeling and what your emotions and thoughts represent to you. Accept the feelings and look for ways you can begin to make small changes happen.

Consider the thoughts of a parachutist. They stand on the brink, letting go at the last moment, to be at one with flight. By letting go they open their eyes to an amazing opportunity.

Letting go does not have to be hard to do. It depends on the attitude you lead with.

Give yourself a chance to get curious and explore your personal experience. Give yourself time.

When you realise you have the courage in you to go beyond your comfort zone, walk onboard the plane. Move away from your conditioned past, with belief, excitement, and confidence, into the vastness of opportunity.

Step off the edge of the plane, and embrace being in the moment. Believe in your parachute and know that when you release the cord, you will be carried safely to the next stage of your life journey.

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