Designing a life is a journey not a destination

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: Designing Your Life

Recently, as a podcast guest, I was asked this question: “How are you purposefully designing your life?”

A brilliant and intriguing question, would you agree?

My curiosity sparked, I allowed myself to wonder, to think deeply and creatively, about what the concept of designing a life means to me. From my discovery, I realized that it is not about a pre-designed concept that we live out from the day we are born. Personally, it is about creating, experiencing, and evolving through life.

Designing a life is a journey, not a destination.

During the interview, we talked about what, how, and who helped to shape the person I have become. I believe it is the process of shaping which lays the foundation stone for us to begin taking steps toward designing a life.

Each one of us begins life in a type of environment. Some of us experience love and care, while others struggle through challenges and hurt. Whatever our circumstances, a foundation is set, from which we can choose to launch our life.

As we traverse through life, we meet people, have conversations, learn, experience, create, feel, and so much more. For many, life can be a constant shift, as we develop and change, and keep adding more and more building blocks to the foundation stone.

From each life experience, most of us are given an option: to choose to grow, or not.

When we choose growth, we build momentum and activate powerful personal habits of inner strength, confidence, self-leadership, courage, grit, growth mindset, and resilience. At the heart of my designing a life lies my Can Do or growth mindset. Shaped from childhood, through education and career choices, to global travel and beyond, choice has played and continues to play, a leading role. By choosing to lead with a Can Do approach, these personal growth habits have become my ‘go-to toolbox’, to inspire, motivate, and energize me to purposefully design my life.

Equipped with practical tools and techniques, and a Can Do mindset, the art of designing a life continues to flow.

However, there are times when your navigation needs a small tweak, to help you proceed through challenges, on your journey, to remain on purpose. It is at this junction to be on purpose, that I ask you three questions:

  1. Am I working hard?
  2. Am I working smart?
  3. Will I be working for the rest of my life?

Make time to reflect on what you need to and what you can do to progress your next steps.

And remember, designing a life is a journey, not a destination.  

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