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Is the Northern Lights on your bucket list? What’s on your living list?

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On a recent trip to Iceland, my husband and I were blessed to witness an awe-inspiring life moment – the magnificent Northern Lights, in all their colourful glory. A truly thrilling and unforgettable experience. Mother Nature’s hypnotic performance of dance across a star-filled sky. Absolutely awesome. We live in an

How You Can Make Your Confidence Happen!

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Last night I delivered my 'Mirror, Mirror on the Wall' Confidence presentation to the wonderful Folly Dollies WI group in Faringdon. A vibrant group of women, from young Mums to professional women in business, my talk focused on ways to become more confident. It was a pleasure to present to


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How often do you truly live in the moment, today? Yesterday I received news about the sudden and tragic death of the partner of an old school friend of mine in Australia. The news made me sit up and think about right now, not yesterday, and definitely not tomorrow. How