Finding Joy in the Moment

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: Finding Joy in the Moment

When did you last make time to savour the joy of being in the moment?

joy in the moment

On a recent call with a friend, we were catching up on the ups and downs of life and business. It was during our conversation that I was inspired by an idea we discussed about being present. This idea unearthed the memory of a time when I experienced a feeling of true joy in the moment.

In 2019, my husband and I celebrated 25 years of marriage. We spent a wonderful weekend away in a quaint port town about two hours from home. Together, we enjoyed the many delights of the town including its rich history, amazing architecture, and watching local wildlife (monkeys and monitor lizards)

Being curious and adventurous, we mostly wander around places without maps. Time and time again, this act of wonder has led us to unique finds, off the beaten track. Lasting memories and cherished moments. As I reflect on our anniversary experience, I remember we discovered a real gem. We turned a corner and found a charming 350-year old Chinese mansion offering historical artefacts, period architecture and a traditional tea ceremony. Three of our favourite things. We were in heaven.

joy in the moment

It was during the delightful tea ceremony that we were able to find joy in the moment. What I noticed was the world seemed to slow down so we could savour every second. Sitting in an ancient temple, away from the hustle and bustle of the street, it was an almost automatic transition to a place of calm and reflection. Our surroundings welcomed us to step in and switch onto the joy of the moment.

The tea ceremony itself was mesmerising. Watching the traditional process of preparation, infusing, and pouring invited us into a unique and personal experience. It was the circular motion of the ceremony, as the host poured tea into tiny cups around the table. I found myself in the moment viewing the spiral of tea, overfilling, spilling, and steaming. Sipping and savouring the delicate flavour was beautiful. I do not think I have ever tasted a more delicious tea. By immersing ourselves fully in the performance of tea, we were gifted an enhanced sensory encounter which lingers on in our memory.

joy in the moment

Finding joy in the moment can be during a conversation or from an experience like a tea ceremony. It is a magical feeling to hold on to. I know how vital it is to give myself time and space to immerse in the moment. From my tea experience, I realised the importance and power of joy. I felt uplifted and refreshed. I felt like a child witnessing something amazing for the first time. I smile as I write.

The joy of the memory continues. I am inspired to live life fully, aware, joyfully, in the moment. Are you?

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