From Isolation to Revelation

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: From Isolation to Revelation


What a time for introspection, wouldn’t you agree? Right now, for many of us, we live our days in a state of forced isolation. The impact, even though it is immense on our mental, emotional, and physical state, provides us with a unique opportunity to step inside ourselves. Unforced, liberating, and available – the act of going inside for calm when all around us is chaos.

When I think about the shift from chaos to calm, I first reflect on the level of noise, both online and offline. Many people in isolation feel the need to keep up to date with every piece of news. This act itself immediately turns up the volume, creating more noise, as people fall into a repeat cycle of reading, listening, digesting, and worrying. It can become almost deafening.

At the start of the crisis, I followed the herd and chose to become addicted to the noise. Each day I would look for, skim read, discuss, and become distracted by what was happening. It consumed my thoughts and disrupted my sleep pattern, and it led me to lose focus and ‘waste away’ my time. My husband quickly tired of my daily updates of which, he reminded me, were unnecessary and useless. I felt stuck in a vortex and could not grasp a secure point to pull myself out. One day, I realised it had to stop.

Let’s jump forward to now. I successfully lowered the volume to a whisper. My ability to focus on the present moment returned and I am working productively. My sleep is deep and uninterrupted, and I awake feeling recharged and ready for the day ahead.


What I came to realise was, I had been given this time in isolation to slow down, to reflect, to ponder, and to achieve more. How was I supposed to get things done when the music was blaring? Throughout the crisis, I have been grateful for a consistent flow of coaching work. My focus on and commitment to my clients has never waned. However, I found that I was filling the time around my coaching hours with the fallout from the noise. I would shift from one task to the next, without any purpose. An untypical situation I’d previously not found myself in.

My state of calm was a true revelation. Once I let go of the background noise, I quickly entered an exciting phase of rediscovery and redesign. With a clear mind, my connections grew, my conversations went deeper and immediate and future opportunities presented themselves. Each day I couldn’t wait to make a start on a new project or add value to an existing one. I felt lighter and more peaceful, as I reconnected with myself.

From isolation to revelation, what an incredible journey inside. A life lesson to choose a level of noise that enables my personal best.

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