Why I Walk in Nature

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: Why I Walk in Nature

walk in nature

I’m sure you would agree that most of us lead busy lives. Whether you’re switched on digitally or not, there is a lot going on. We frequently overfill our diaries, our time, and our minds. Do you feel like you have been pulled into the vortex and you’re spinning endlessly? If only you could press stop.

Now, I’m someone who loves to step away from the noise daily, to walk in nature. I have a strong inner need to download my thoughts, and to refresh my mind, body, and spirit. When I fail to make time to do this, my mind remains in a contact state of busyness and I am aware that I do not deliver the best of who I am, to my loved ones, friends, or clients.

A walk in nature is my activity of choice. I adore being in the great outdoors which I like to call my ‘green gym’. In this space, I feel truly alive. In nature, I can switch off the noise and chaos and switch on to my inner self. I often find during my walks that inspiration, creativity, clarity, and renewed focus abound.

For me, there really is something truly magical about fresh air, trees, wildlife, the elements, and open space. This environment awakens my senses as I connect and become present in the moment. Nature offers limitless perspectives and a forever changing landscape. The more I explore this amazing space, the greater the personal reward. I offload the stuff causing chaos, the thoughts I need to let go of. I download what I need to sort out, to focus my thinking, in the moment. I upload the good stuff, the uplifting and at times, life-changing thoughts I can take back with me.

With a fully booked schedule, how do I fit in a daily walk in nature? The answer is: I make time. Because I’ll never find the time. It can present a challenge however when I consider the downside to not heading out, this is motivation enough. I make a point to push through and get outside each day. Walking helps to release any tension I am holding, mentally, or physically. With each step, I feel softer and lighter. My body and mind feel open and at peace.

walk in nature

For 2020 to boost my motivation I signed up to the UK 1000-mile challenge. There is plenty of online support within the challenge community as we share a common goal. This group enables my accountability, as I clock up and log my miles, which in turn leads to responsibility for my wellbeing health and mindset: fit mind; fit body; fit business.

If you’re looking for a personal challenge to help you perform at your personal best, I recommend a walk in nature. It’s low-cost and easy to do. Watch out it can become highly addictive. Mind you, what better way to gain a fresh and uplifting sense of self, to slow down and be present in the moment, and to develop positive and sustainable habits for life.

What do you do to offload, download, and upload to manage your mind, body, and soul?

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